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Ubered: My Life as a Rideshare Driver

His family’s wealth has evaporated, and now, serendipity is all Evan Kail can salvage from his riches-to-rags nightmare. He’s been chasing a screenwriting dream, and he’s put everything on the line to attain it. So when a new phenomenon called “ride share” enters his market in Minneapolis, Kail seeks an opportunity which he believes will allow time to pursue his calling. His only item of value, a BMW sports car purchased in the glory days of wealth, affords him a down payment on a used luxury sedan. Before Kail knows it, he’s a soldier in the trenches of a tech revolution, and he’s in way over his head.


Ubered is a journey through the jungles of a wild mind in an even wilder adventure driving full-time for Uber and Lyft. Over the course of one year, Kail dances with all hosts of personalities, battles all sorts of scenarios, and struggles to realize what it means to be a contractor, not an employee. Prepare for the craziest year of Kail’s young life, one that would leave him grappling to understand the very meaning of fate and all he thought was sacred.

Ubered 2

On the one-year anniversary of giving his very first ride, Evan Kail’s rideshare business gets obliterated by a horrible twist of fate. But it doesn’t stop him for long. After crawling out from the wreckage, Kail finances another used luxury sedan to bring us his second (and final account) of his life as a rideshare driver. Join Minnesota’s most daring, foul-mouthed motorist as he returns to chauffering eclectics, drunks, obscenities, and heart-stopping drama, ride after ride, mile after mile. Ubered 2 offers higher stakes, crazier stories, and commentary that is sure to change the way you see Uber and Lyft forever.

Wolf in the Jungle

Enter Nesher Unit: A covert military band of Jewish-American soldiers dedicated to capturing escaped Nazis in the 1950’s. After a disastrous mission behind enemy lines in communist Hungary, Nesher Unit finds itself dangerously close to disbandment. Their only saving grace is a single clue, one which will take them deep into the jungles of Brazil. However, after touching down in the rainforest, Nesher Unit quickly realizes they’ve uncovered a terrifying secret that threatens to destroy the very fabrics of justice forever.